What to Expect at the Cubicles to Cocktails 2019 Money Talks Tour in Houston!


Last year, we showed you how to “Know Your Worth…& add Tax.” Now that you’re making what you deserve, we want to show you how to build generational wealth and make that money work for you!

We’re kicking off our 2019 Money Talks Texas City Tour in Houston, Texas on Equal Pay Day for Black Women this Thursday, August 22, 2019. If you’re wondering if this event is for you, here are 5 reasons why this evening of cocktails and conversation will change your relationship with money:

1. Your network is your netWORTH

Part of our mission is to cultivate an environment where success-minded career women can connect with, learn from, and grow with other success-minded women. You will meet professionals in your industry, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike. There will be opportunities to make connections and build your network—far beyond simply exchanging business cards. Women have found their biz besties, gained strong friendships, and more during our soirées.

2. You’ll get actionable insights and sage advice from high-profile money experts

Get ready for our Fireside Chat with Kim Roxie, Founder & CEO of Lamik Beauty! She’ll speak to finding capital for your business, pivoting when a strategy doesn't work, and building a successful business that actually lasts. Kim will share the intimate details of her journey funding the business of her dreams!

Expect an engaging money maven panel moderated by our CEO, Christa Clarke! She’ll be getting to the nitty-gritty of money talks with Lisa Fierro, Certified Financial Planner at EllevestCourtney Sanders, Speaker and Digital Entrepreneur, and BBVA. Lisa will share how Ellevest helps women achieve their financial goals through modern, low-cost investing. Courtney will share her personal money journey and how she grew her side hustle into a digital empire. BBVA will walk us through how we can build wealth through homeownership. If you are interested in homeownership, BBVA representatives will be onsite to continue answering your burning questions about how they help to make home ownership easier

Thank you BBVA for sponsoring the Houston kick-off of the Money Talks Tour!


3. You’ll leave with powerful connections and photo-worthy moments to remember

You can mix and mingle with our keynote speakers while enjoying handcrafted libations during our VIP Welcome Reception. We will make networking easy by facilitating our Money Talks "Ice Breaker" Game that will help you make meaningful connections. Capture ‘million-dollar’ Instagram-worthy moments with our interactive photo booth by Flashbar Photobooth or grab a picture relaxing with your girlfriends in our “money lounge” on stage.

4. We are giving you the blueprint to secure the bag! 

We will work together to audit your current money mindset and reclaim the power of changing wealth-limiting beliefs. You will learn how to make your money work for you through investing and homeownership, increasing multiple streams of income and how to build a sustainable business. 

We are dropping so many gems that evening! So, we designed an exclusive Money Talks magazine— a resource guide with tidbits shared from each of our speakers on the tour— just for you. Use this guide to pay this conversation forward, apply it to your life, and share with those around you!

You will leave feeling empowered, educated, and ready to talk more about money!

5. You’ll enjoy deliciously decadent food and signature cocktails

You know we have to live up to the hype of our name! When it comes to great cocktails,  bringing our “A” game is an understatement! This year, we are mixing up complimentary cocktails provided by Absolut Elyx just for you. As you sip on selections from our signature cocktail menu, nosh on mouth-watering bites served up by One Feisty Chef. Andre has mastered the art of creative food, innovative presentations and will have taste buds coming back for more all night! 

Are you planning for your financial future right now? In most cases, what we don’t know about money hurts us. You will leave this soirée buzzing with insightful advice from experts and armed with powerful financial tools!

Join us on Thursday, August 22nd for cocktails and conversation focused on financial power, wealth-building strategies, connections and more!